TIDY and Guesty Announce Direct Integration

Guesty’s property management software provides property managers and management companies with an end-to-end solution to simplify the complex operational needs of short-term rentals. TIDY empowers users to manage cleaning and maintenance automatically, using their own teams. With a direct integration now available, Guesty and TIDY offer an all-around solution for property management.

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best benefits to retain employees

Best Benefits to Retain Employees

In such a tight job market, finding, hiring, and retaining good employees is a full-time job for employers. And even when companies have been able to hire top talent, they then move on to worry the good employees might leave. In this current job market and economic scenario, retaining top talent might be even harder, but there’s always a way: see below the best benefits to retain employees. 

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Product Update: Click-and-Send Payments

If you're used to Venmoing money to pay for services or even to split a check with your friends, this new product update is right up your alley: we've made it that easy to send payments using TIDY. 

After a quick set-up, you'll be able to click and send payments to ensure your Pros are paid for the cleaning jobs. For them, it's just as convenient: the amount will be directly deposited into the bank account registered in their TIDY profile. 

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Announcing Hostify Direct Integration

Hostify is a one-stop shop for property managers and owners who need a solution to manage their business. Now, with a direct integration with TIDY, its users will experience a jump in efficiency and productivity in their operations. 

This integration allows users to sync all properties and cleanings and maintenance statuses in one place. No more phone tag with cleaners. No more searching for individual schedules and trying to make it all work. Two powerful platforms connected to offer you a seamless experience.

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Complete Cleaning Checklist for Airbnb Hosts

Nothing like a dirty rental property to getting bad reviews. Cleaning is one of the biggest pain points of the vacation rental industry, whether for managing schedules, keeping a standard, or finding professional cleaners to do the job. 

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