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Your guide to tax-advantaged employee benefits

The conversation around employee benefits has never been livelier – considering the current job market scenario, employees are looking for benefits beyond healthcare. It’s not bad for the companies, either, as several options offer a tax break for them. Here’s a guide to tax-advantaged employee benefits! 

Note: TIDY does not provide any specific tax advice; please consult a tax professional.

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The best new employee benefits

In such a tight, competitive job market, companies are scrambling to attract and maintain talent. This is when advice and guidance from an expert benefits broker come in: what benefits should companies offer? What is the market looking for? What is new out there? 

A great benefits package can be the deciding factor for a top professional to join a business. Here's what you, your benefits broker, and your human resources department must know. 

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best benefits to retain employees

Best Benefits to Retain Employees

In such a tight job market, finding, hiring, and retaining good employees is a full-time job for employers. And even when companies have been able to hire top talent, they then move on to worry the good employees might leave. In this current job market and economic scenario, retaining top talent might be even harder, but there’s always a way: see below the best benefits to retain employees. 

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Home Cleanings as a Pre-Tax Employee Benefit

“The Great Resignation”, “The Great Reshuffle”, and many others: no matter the name, millions of American workers are quitting their jobs, looking for different positions, more flexible opportunities, and having a work-life balance. Companies are betting on perks to retain and attract talent during these times, and home cleanings are a pre-tax employee benefit that not many consider.

Here’s why your company should.

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